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The leading specialist in packaging premium powders.

Our motivation

We make sure your powders 
keep their high quality

Packaging powdery products is an operation that requires specialized packaging technology. After all, it involves a complex interplay: on the one hand, the accuracy of the system and the reliability of the packaging, and on the other, logistical performance and cost-efficiency.

Because of this complexity, we have dedicated ourselves to the development and production of customer-specific powder packaging lines for producers of high-quality powders. It is thanks to this unique focus that we can now call ourselves the market leader. In fact, our AROVAC® technology is the only one in the world that vacuum packs powders with our bag filling machines.

Global track record

Expertise comes with experience. We have built up an impressive track record over the past 30 years.

We have sold our machines in around 20 countries worldwide: from the United States and Sweden to Israel and India.


Number of packaging machines delivered worldwide

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Our motivation: innovation

It is crucial to continuously stay ahead of the pack: for you, and also for us. Innovating for the long term can only be achieved with a strong innovation policy, a clearcut technology roadmap, and a corporate culture driven by continuous improvement.

Our introduction of high-speed machines with double filling spouts and the AROVAC® technology: - the world's only vacuum packing technology for powders - are proof of this.

Innovation at project level
Put new ideas in practice as soon as a project demands it

Innovation for the long term
Develop and apply new ideas based on market needs