Quality service, 24/7 in four languages.

We think in solutions

Sure, we develop and manufacture tailor-made powder packaging lines. But we always think in terms of solutions.

And to do that well, we rely on our service. It's our way of making sure that your production process performs at its best with minimal disruptions. And even after 20 years of service, most of our powder packing machines still run without a hitch.

From 24/7 support to updates, upgrades, and extensions: our dedicated team will be pleased to assist you.

With Arodo you can count on:

  • 24/7 support in four languages
  • Technical assistance via remote access
  • Tailored maintenance
  • Enormous availability of spare parts
  • Updates, upgrades and extensions

Contact service

We're here to help you

Below you can read how we're here to help you, even after you have put your bag filling machine or complete packaging line into operation.

Do you have specific requirements? We're happy to help you find the right solution.

Lifecycle Service Brochure

24/7 support in four languages

At some point in every production process, a machine breaks down or a component no longer works (properly). Our goal is to ensure that these moments are as short as possible, which is why you can contact our support team in four languages, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. In 98% of cases, the line will be operational again on the same day.

Remote access for each line

We equip all new machines with a PLC controller and internet connection, enabling our support staff to view the control panel of your machine via remote access. This way we can analyze and adjust the software remotely without a problem. We visually inspect the mechanics of the machine by web cam.

Together with you, we're taking major steps toward Industry 4.0.

Tailored maintenance

Our maintenance service is fully tailored to your needs: first our maintenance specialists visit your site to determine the level of customization required. We then send you a maintenance agreement proposal that, if approved, is performed based on actual costing. The technicians who do the maintenance are also involved in building new machines and are therefore fully up to date on the latest technology.

Because we believe in customization, we work with customer-specific service solutions.

Spare parts in stock

We are renowned for our extensive stock of spare parts. Moreover, we generally work with parts that are available worldwide. The main benefit for you is that this minimizes your operational downtime.

Our strategy for obsolete parts? By keeping a sufficient stock of older parts and making replacements for other components, our customers experience minimal inconvenience.

Updates, upgrades and extensions

The market is demanding. That is why it is essential that we continue to look together at ways to make your machines even better. We do this because of wear and tear, of course, but also because new technologies and applications ensure better machine performance.

Because we design, program and manufacture our own machines - and do not combine standard systems of other suppliers - we know better than anyone how and when to upgrade your machines.